Lakers doing all the WRONG things

Why so many Laker funs are surprised (and stunned) over the Lakers poor start doesn’t make any sense (or add up).  Laker fans should NOT be surprised over the team’s struggles (OR expecting the team to be playing at championship level).  If there is a year when Laker fans should be “expecting” a nonplayoff “lottery” team, this IS the year!  Instead, Laker fans are expecting not just a playoff team but for the Lakers to be in NBA Finals!   Come on now!  Consider the facts:  The Lakers have absolutely NO “Bench”.  They gave up a worthwhile Point Guard in Derreck  Fisher for an old,, over-the-hill,, “out of shape” Steven Nash!  the Lakers ALSO gave up a very young athletic Andrew Bynum for a continuously injury-prone (not to mention out of shape) Dwight Howard!   On top of that, the Lakers have done absolutely nothing to bring in a back up for (or a replacement for) the aging,, mid 30ish Kobe Bryant!  Pau Gasol is out of shape, past his prime and washed up,, and that certainly holds true for Metta World-Peace!  On top of that, they have a college-mentality coach in Mike Brown who does NOT know how to call or use his time-outs!  Add the fact that the Lakers have zero motiviation, hunger or desire about them,, then why would ANYone expect this years Lakers to do one game better than 20-62 in regular season???  Really!


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